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Revitalize in Poipu with a Massage

middle aged man receiving shoulder massage

Amy's Mobile Massage Kauai in Poipu

Amy's Mobile Massage Kauai brings the luxury of a professional massage directly to your doorstep in Poipu. Our expert therapists offer a wide range of personalized services designed to meet your specific needs and help you achieve ultimate relaxation and well-being.

Our Poipu Massage Services

Hawaiian Lomi Massage

Experience the long, flowing strokes of this traditional technique, ideal for couples. Our therapists use their palms, thumbs, knuckles, and forearms to find and disperse congested areas, providing a deeply therapeutic and relaxing experience. Whether you prefer a deep or lighter touch, the instinctive, free-form flow of Lomi massage ensures a rejuvenating session.

Swedish Massage

The most common type of massage in the West, Swedish massage stimulates circulation, releases muscle tension, and restores range of motion. Utilizing light strokes, effleurage, and petrissage with friction, this technique delivers exceptional relaxation and helps clear nasal or chest congestion, offering a soothing experience for your entire body.

Prenatal Massage

Our prenatal massage is designed to reduce pregnancy stress and promote wellness throughout your trimesters. Our specialists use support pillows to ensure a relaxing and therapeutic session, aiding in the relief of backaches, stiff necks, leg cramps, headaches, and edema. This massage also enhances blood flow and reduces joint stress.


Also known as acupressure, Shiatsu involves applying pressure with thumbs and palms to specific body areas to promote energy flow and correct imbalances. This deeply relaxing technique, which can be performed with or without oil, helps relieve stress, illness, and fosters an overall sense of health and well-being.


A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, Reiki involves the therapist laying hands on the client to channel energy, activating the body's natural healing processes. This method helps restore physical and emotional well-being by promoting a balanced flow of life energy.

Chair Massage

Perfect for those short on time or uncomfortable with full-body massage, chair massage reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Our professional massage chair provides support to your head and neck, and you can remain fully clothed. Even a short session can improve your mood and energy levels.

Thai Massage

Combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures, Thai massage enhances your range of motion and improves posture. This traditional therapy helps reduce pain, improve sleep, and increase flexibility, making it a holistic approach to well-being.

Sports Massage

Geared towards athletes, sports massage involves kneading and manipulating joints and muscles to prevent injuries, prepare for athletic activities, and maintain optimal condition. It also aids in the recovery from workouts and injuries, ensuring athletes stay in peak form.

Myofascial Release

This technique involves applying sustained pressure to the myofascial connective tissue to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. Effective for chronic pain and injury, myofascial release helps eliminate pain and restore motion.

Affordable Massages

Amy's Mobile Massage Kauai offers competitive pricing with special rates for couples, groups, and locals. Our services are designed to provide a satisfying and relaxing experience, with travel fees applicable based on location.

  • 60 Minute Session: $120

  • 90 Minute Session: $160

  • 120 Minute Session: $200

Spa Add-Ons

Enhance your massage experience with our relaxing spa add-ons, including aromatherapy, hot stones, deep tissue, CBD oil massage, body scrubs, hand and foot reflexology, coconut oil scalp massage, Hawaiian sunburn treatment, iced coconut body massage, and even a four-hand massage for the ultimate indulgence.

Aerial image of Poipu

Poipu, Hawaii - Southern Shore

Poipu, located on the southern shore of Kauai, is known for its sunny weather, pristine beaches, and vibrant community. This idyllic destination offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, with opportunities for snorkeling, surfing, and exploring botanical gardens. Poipu's charming atmosphere and stunning scenery make it an ideal place to unwind and rejuvenate.

Book Your Poipu Massage Today

Ready to enjoy a luxurious massage in Poipu? Contact Amy's Mobile Massage Kauai today to schedule your session. Our friendly team is here to answer any questions and help you select the best treatment for your needs. Experience the ultimate relaxation with Amy's Mobile Massage Kauai in Poipu, HI.

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