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Wedding Parties Group Chair Massage

We can bring massage to any of your wedding and pre-wedding events, including your bridal shower. Call us today to organize your, " bride tribe" chair massage. Want to hang out and get to know each other before the wedding? 

Chair massage is a casual way to unwind and relax before the big day. Include a chair massage station along with your hair, make-up for your pre-wedding event and party. Chair massage specialists from our team can be there celebrating the union with you and your friends. We give everyone on-site chair massages, making the party even better! Wedding day massages help you and your wedding party, relax and renew before the excitement of the ceremony.

For parents of the couple, bridesmaids and groomsmen, massages are a thoughtful way to say thanks. You can have one or more of our team onsite providing relaxing massage to your family, attendants and or guests. 

Surprise your wedding reception guests with full body massage or chair massage. 

The next morning after your big day is another perfect opportunity for relaxation and rest. 

Our team arrives to provide chair massages for your entire group as everyone relaxes with their newly expanded family.

It’s the perfect opportunity for the bride and groom and/or mom(s) and dad(s) to also have a full table session.

Professional Massage Kauai
Professional Massage Kauai

Create a Unique Experience for Your Large Party

Chair massage is a wonderful way to spruce up a birthday party, baby shower, graduation, reunion or retirement party. 

Surprise your guests with a private event chair massage! Treat your friends and family to the ultimate gift of soothing relaxation. 

Chair massages are an easy and fun way to show guests the benefits of massage therapy. 

It is an excellent way to pamper your friends. For your private event each massage can last anywhere from five to thirty minutes per person. 

Guests remain fully clothed during their session while they sit in one of our professional massage chairs.

This unique experience is a practical and perfect choice for large gatherings or events.

We easily set up our professional supplies in a fast, efficient manner at any location. 

Our team of specialists are dedicated to helping make your event unforgettable, safe and memorable. 

We work individually with each guest to provide relaxation for their maximum comfort.

Company Wellness Benefits

Be the, "best boss ever" and show your staff how much you appreciate them. Chair massage provides employees a window to stress reduction and wellness through a short focus on pain relief and relaxation during the work day. 

Amy’s Mobile Chair massage is a perfect choice for a company who would like to provide a spa experience for both customers and staff. 

We offer short treatments of between five and thirty minutes per person. 

As workers/customers remain fully clothed throughout their chair massage, it’s a relaxing, practical and unique experience. 

Chair massage is shown to be effective for stress reduction, enhanced circulation, mood brightening, pain reduction and increasing performance. It’s an excellent way to build to build moral and reward performance.

Choose chair massage sessions for special events, corporate parties or your regular monthly meetings and gatherings.

Both Corporate Wellness Events and Expos are enhanced with the addition of Chair massage. We bring our equipment and professionally accommodate large groups with ease.

Professional Massage Kauai
Professional Massage Kauai

 Weddings,  Large Parties and Corporate Event Massage Pricing

Special rates may apply for events with more than 50 guests. 

Discounts may be available for smaller groups. We love what we do and aim to provide an Aloha experience for your massage. 

Weddings, Events and Corporate prices are $130 per therapist for each hour of Chair massage and includes travel and set up time.

A minimum of two hours is required per therapist requested for your event. 

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