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Amy's Mobile Massage Kauai in Moloaa

Amy's Mobile Massage Kauai delivers the luxury of professional massage services directly to your location in Moloaa. Our skilled therapists offer a variety of personalized treatments designed to meet your individual needs and help you achieve ultimate relaxation.

Our Massage Options

Hawaiian Lomi Massage

Indulge in the soothing, rhythmic strokes of a traditional Hawaiian Lomi massage. This technique uses palms, thumbs, knuckles, and forearms to release tension and promote relaxation. Ideal for couples, Lomi massage offers a deeply therapeutic and rejuvenating experience with either deep or light pressure.

Chair Massage

Perfect for those seeking a quick relaxation fix, chair massage reduces stress and boosts energy. Conducted fully clothed in a supportive massage chair, this option is ideal for those uncomfortable with full-body massages or needing targeted relief.

Thai Massage

Thai massage combines acupressure, Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures to enhance flexibility and posture. This traditional therapy reduces pain and promotes better sleep by increasing your range of motion.

Sports Massage

Designed for athletes, sports massage focuses on preventing injuries and maintaining optimal physical condition. This technique involves kneading and manipulating muscles and joints, aiding recovery from workouts and enhancing performance.

Myofascial Release

This therapy targets the myofascial connective tissue with sustained pressure to improve circulation and relieve chronic pain. Myofascial release is effective for enhancing mobility and reducing discomfort from injuries.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, a popular choice, enhances circulation, eases muscle tension, and improves range of motion. Using light strokes, effleurage, and petrissage, this technique delivers comprehensive relaxation and relief from stiffness and congestion.

Prenatal Massage

Our prenatal massage is tailored to reduce pregnancy-related discomfort and promote overall well-being. With the use of support pillows, we ensure a comfortable and therapeutic experience, addressing issues like backaches, leg cramps, and swelling, while enhancing circulation.


Shiatsu, or acupressure, involves applying pressure with thumbs and palms to specific points on the body to improve energy flow and correct imbalances. This deeply relaxing technique, performed with or without oil, helps alleviate stress and promotes a sense of well-being.


Reiki is a Japanese method that reduces stress and promotes healing through energy transfer. By placing hands lightly on the body, our therapists help balance your life energy, fostering physical and emotional healing.

Sandy beach in Moloaa, HI

Moloaa, HI Massage Enhancements

Add an extra touch of luxury to your massage with our spa add-ons, including aromatherapy, hot stones, deep tissue, CBD oil massage, body scrubs, hand and foot reflexology, and more.

Book Your Massage in Moloaa Today

Ready to experience ultimate relaxation in Moloaa? Contact Amy's Mobile Massage Kauai today to schedule your session. Our friendly team is here to help you choose the perfect treatment for your needs. Discover the benefits of personalized massage therapy with Amy's Mobile Massage Kauai in Moloaa, HI.

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