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Amy's Mobile Massage Services & Pricing

 Mobile Spa Services & Pricing

Massage Oil

Hawaiian Lomi Massage

A traditional Lomi massage is ideal for couples massage. Listen to the sounds of nature while enjoying the long flowing strokes of this Ancient technique. Your therapist focuses on finding congested areas in your body and dispersing them with their palms, thumbs, knuckles and forearms.  The long and flowing strokes of Lomi massage can be applied with a deep or a lighter touch.

This is an instinctive, free-form and flowing massage, often incorporating multiple body parts in one stroke. This technique is both therapeutic and relaxing.

Swedish Massage

In the West, Swedish Massage is the best known and most common type of massage.

It is used to stimulate your circulation, flush your circulatory system, release your tight muscles and restore your range of motion. This massage technique uses light strokes to loosen your stiff joints, reduce your muscle tension and helps to clear your nasal or chest congestion.

Swedish massage incorporates the use of effleurage and petrissage with friction to deliver exceptional relaxation for your entire body.

Back Massage
Prenatal Portrait
Image by Toa Heftiba

Prenatal Massage​

Enjoy your prenatal massage with Amy’s Mobile Massage, Kauai.  Our team of specialists will help reduce pregnancy stress and promotes an overall feeling of wellness to any of your trimesters.   We provide the necessary support pillows to create your relaxing as well as therapeutic session. 

A professional pregnancy massage is shown to aid in the relief of discomforts experienced during pregnancy (back aches, a stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema).

In addition, massage during pregnancy reduces stress on your joints, encourages blood flow and your circulation of both blood and your lymphs. It also helps relax nervous tension and can help relieve anxiety caused by your hormonal changes.

Request our professionally designed pregnancy pillows for an additional $25. Otherwise, we can use pillows at your location to provide for your extra comfort and support.


This therapeutic technique is also known as acupressure. Pressure is applied with thumbs and palms to areas of the body to help heal common ailments, conditions and correct imbalances in the body.

Shiatsu promotes energy flow. 206 pressure points are repeatedly pressed on your body. Pressure can be applied with or without the use of oil.

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience, helps to relieve stress, illness and contributes to an overall feeling of health and well being.

Professional Massage Kauai
Professional Massage Kauai
Energy Healing


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation and promotes healing.  It is administered by ‘laying on hands’.  Reiki is based on the concept of an unseen ‘life energy’ flowing and keeping us alive.


A therapist channels this energy to activate your natural process and restore your physical and emotional well being.

Chair Massage

Chair massage can reduce your stress, anxiety and depression.

Even a short chair massage in our professional massage chair can improve your mood and increase your energy. You remain fully clothed while the comfortable massage chair provides support to head and neck.

You can request a specific area of focus to your therapist.

Chair massage can also be a good option for those who might not be comfortable with a full body massage. Plus $20

Professional Massage Kauai
Professional Massage Kauai
Professional Massage Kauai

Thai​ Massage

Thai massage is a traditional therapy combining  acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. It helps increase your range of motion in your joints and muscles.  It can also help to improve posture. Thai massage helps to lower your pain to allow improved sleep.

Sports Massage

​This massage style includes kneading and manipulating your joints and muscles.

Sports massage is geared towards athletes. It is used to prevent injuries, prepare your body for athletic activities and maintain it in optimal condition.

Sports massage helps athletes recover from workouts and injuries.

Professional Massage Kauai
Professional Massage Kauai
Professional Massage Kauai

Myofascial Release

This form of massage helps improve your blood and lymphatic circulation. 

Myofascial Release involves applying sustained pressure to your myofascial connective tissue. It helps to eliminate your pain and restore your motion. It’s effective for your chronic pain and injury.

Basic Massage Pricing Details

We cater to all Kauai tourists and locals who want to relive stress with a satisfying and relaxing massage experience. 

Amy’s Mobile Massage offers price cuts for couples and groups. We also have special rates for locals. 

Ask about our current special offers. Any of our modalities or combinations of our massage styles are all offered at competitive prices. 

Travel fees may also be applied. 

Our competitive rates:

Massage Therapy
Thai Massage

Our Rates


60 Minute Session


90 Minute Session


120 Minute Session

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